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At Calibration Retreats, we offer a deeper pursuit of health for individuals and couples, by offering several different retreats to suit your needs. Our Intense Couple’s Retreats are private retreats for one couple. Rekindle the Fire Retreats are couple’s retreats for up to five couple’s. 

The Women’s Empowerment and Yoga Retreats make a spectacular choice for women. Each well-planned retreat is also specifically designed for you. Couple’s will tackle the real issues behind the problems and patterns of the relationship. Trust, communication, sex and intimacy, the work-play balance, expectations, its all addressed, and yet still couple specific. At our women’s retreats, we encourage empowerment from the inside-out. Each woman tends to their personal journey, together with their Coach, while learning and growing through purposefully planned events. The retreats bring forth the opportunity for healthier relationships and a healthier you.

When we seek growth and healthier living, that translates to change. Change is only meaningful if it can be sustained over time. Calibration Retreats offers and encourages sustainable change towards purposeful living.

Calibration Retreats

Purposeful Retreats for Purposeful Living

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