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Rekindle the Fire Couple's Retreat

Regaining Intimacy and Connection

Join Alicia and Cliff on an awesome journey to Rekindle the Fire of your relationship. Using a spectacular vacation setting, we purposefully infuse daily relationship or marriage counseling, and  specific strategies, challenges and fun activities.  As a couple, you are personally invited to grow in connection and intimacy. Personal growth and relational  fulfillment are inevitable. Intimacy becomes the fruit of the  relationship. 

Rekindle the Fire of your relationship is a specific intimacy building therapeutic retreat that includes intense couple’s therapy, wonderful excursions, food,  a cook, as  well as our own villa.  In short, this is a phenomenal opportunity to recreate intimacy, namely, Rekindle the Fire.

For your ensured privacy, each room is fully appointed, always complete with a private bathroom; balconies, terraces and porches off your private suite are always a priority when choosing a villa. We have intentionally combined a spectacular setting, daily therapy with purposeful and difficult challenges, so privately, as a couple, you may grow closer together. Join us for a very intentional and purposeful retreat, focused on your intimacy, the emotional and physical connection. Therapeutic challenges and conversations, coupled with vacation play, intersect to encourage your very personal and unique intimacy together.  

Couple's Intense Retreats. An exclusive 6-7 day retreat designed exclusively for the two of you.

The couple decides where they would like to go, and when they can get away to their chosen spectacular vacation spot, anywhere on the map, that provides an environment completely clearing the daily stressors and responsibilities.  This intense process reunites the couple through therapy, time together, specific activities and purposeful strategies that strengthen the therapy process. 

Rekindle the Fire Couple's Retreat: Rekindle the intimacy


Therapy is Specific for Your Relationship

 From the moment we greet you, to our purposely planned night out, this retreat ultimately sets you up for intimacy building and relationship connection.  


Our Personal Villa

 Properties we personally select make a perfect choice for your Rekindle the Fire Couple's Retreat.  To promote intimacy building in a private setting, our choice of property are always fully appointed, your couple's privacy and the relationship is of an utmost importance.  Relationship or marriage counseling is infused into the retreat, therefore, we spend ample time counseling at the villa.  

Sample pictures may not represent exact property.  Photos of exact property available on request during the booking process. 


Relational Growth

Combine a fabulous setting, with purpose and intentionality. There will be daily activities such as snorkeling, salsa dancing, and challenges for the two of you that promote intimacy building and connection.  Couple specific relationship or marriage counseling sessions are infused into each day that encourage you to rekindle your relationship.

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