Family Retreats offer a place to heal.  Rebuilding is possible.   Bonds can be restored.  Communication can honestly be addressed.  Rather than each family member staying in pain, we can make a difference on your family's healing journey.

POSSIBILITIES your family might be going through THAT WOULD

If your family is going through a painful time, a  Family Retreat can create healing and a difference moving forward. It can help your family to communicate better, and work on resolving conflicts, as well with deal with the pain of loss or trauma. We utilize a relaxing and family friendly vacation environment specifically designed for you and your family.


Family retreats: A retreat SPECIFICALLY designed for your family

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Join us for a private therapeutic Family Retreat that includes family coaching and therapy, utilizing specific excursions for your crew. The details are taken care of; included in our retreat is a fabulous villa or home, a cook for our meals and picnics, excursions, activities, infused counseling and coaching, even taxis and tips during our retreat. This is a phenomenal opportunity to revitalize your family's relationships, heal wounds and process the loss of a loved one.

Each family is unique, which is why our Family Retreat will be made specifically for you at a location of your choice or a destination purposefully chosen for you and yours. We want to give your family the opportunity to go to a relaxing destination away from the distractions and stressors of your daily life.  Calibration Retreats offers Family Retreats that provides many opportunities for re-connection, healing, better communication, and lasting change that may have been difficult in the past with more traditional therapies. Family therapy can't always make the problems go away, but it can give you new skills to get through situations in healthier ways. 

A Family Retreat will help your family re-establish trust and emotional connection,  giving opportunity toward healthier relationships.

We, at Calibration Retreats, are honored and humbled to be a part of your healing journey. 

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Join us on a journey of healing sailing along the British Virgin Islands, or the USVI in the Caribbean. 

At our family retreats, we want you to relax and have fun, THAT is why we offer babysitting

Hi, my name is Mira.

As my parents always said growing up, going somewhere with kids doesn't count as a vacation, its a trip. Many times when we would go on vacations, they were reluctant to go out because they didn't trust someone they didn't know to watch us in a foreign country.  My goal for the Family Retreats is to insure that not only do you get an amazing and therapeutic experience with your family, but also have the freedom to relax as a couple, or take time alone to reflect or go on an adventure, to get the personal time you need without the worry of getting a stranger to watch your kids. 

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Not only do I offer childcare, I work with children with disabilities, special needs, and traumatic experiences. I will personally find activities, and games for your child making sure they have while parents are taking care of their relationship as part of the healing process.

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